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Age Matters to Your Body – Enhance Its State with Mandeville Chiropractic Care

Age matters. It matters to the body, how it feels, how it goes, how well it will take each of us into our older years. Age makes a difference and makes us each pay attention to our bodies as it transforms with age. Mandeville Chiropractic cares for Mandeville chiropractic patients’ bodies often when they are hurting with back pain or neck pain. When the body hurts, it has likely been years of life’s using the body’s resources up as it ages. Luckily, Mandeville Chiropractic is ready to care for bodies of all ages whenever their owners take them to Mandeville Chiropractic. Your Mandeville chiropractor understands pain is usually what brings Mandeville chiropractic patients to our practice, and Mandeville Chiropractic is ready to assist the aging body regain some fitness and pain relief.


Remember when you were in your 20s? Researchers say that physical fitness peaks at about 20 years of age and remains high into the early 30s. That is when the fitness levels begin to drop gradually into old age. The good news is that those who have the high fitness levels in their 20s typically stay physically healthy and use less healthcare services throughout their lives. Adolescence is the most important period in all our lives. It’s when our cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory, skeletal, and muscular strength are built, creating the foundation of health for life. Bone mineral density (BMD) peaks in the late teens. BMD is the main influence in whether a person develops osteoporosis and may feel its complications later in life. Physical activity and nutrition are issues that teenagers have control of to build the best bodies they can for their lifetime. (1) Do they? Mandeville Chiropractic recognizes that adolescent teens don’t think about these things. The teen years have many other distractions demanding their attention!


Competition and activity seem to work! The best ways to get teens to as peak a fitness level as imaginable is to encourage them to move early in life. One study set up competition among student groups outfitted with pedometers and monitored their steps for 12 weeks. Students in the study all ended up doing more physical activity both in in-school and in after-school activities. Their cardiorespiratory fitness improved. Body fat and waist-to-height ratios reduced. The leisure-time physical activity increased for a year after the intervention. (2) Mandeville Chiropractic creates treatment plans for Mandeville chiropractic patients of all ages that includes nutrition and exercise suggestions to get the most out of your body no matter how old it is!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Kelly Brinkman who discusses a case of a disc herniation in a teen who found relief with Cox® Technic.

Schedule your Mandeville chiropractic visit now. No matter your age or physical activity level, Mandeville Chiropractic can help you discover your fitness peak for your age and way of life along with pain relief to permit that peak to be totally appreciated.
Understanding that fitness levels peak at 20 years of age, Mandeville Chiropractic helps relieve and rebuild painful bodies of all ages and fitness levels. 
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