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Healthy News from Your Mandeville Chiropractor – January 2018

Mandeville back pain and disc degeneration find help at Mandeville Chiropractic with spinal disc pressure reducing Mandeville spinal manipulation.  

Gentle, Effective, Pain-Relieving Treatment of Degenerated Discs

Mandeville Chiropractic shares a new research study that explains that degenerated discs are already stressed due to their degenerated condition. Many Mandeville chiropractic patients come to Mandeville Chiropractic for disc degeneration! Interestingly, this study exhibited that lumbar rotational manipulation (LRM) (seated or side-lying) strained degenerated discs additionally and affected their intradiscal pressures as well. LRM is more stressful to disc that is more degenerative. Disc displacement was seen in degenerated and even healthy discs. The healthy discs demonsrated the most displacement. (1) Thus disc degeneration is a condition for which our chiropractic practice offers Cox® Technic, chiropractic flexion distraction spinal manipulation which is research-documented to reduce intradiscal pressures in degenerated discs. This happens in both cervical (from 96 to 1583mmHg pressure) and lumbar (to as low as -192mmHg pressure) spine discs. (2,3) At Mandeville Chiropractic, herniated discs and degenerated discs are treated to Cox Technic, a gentle, non-surgical, disc pressure reducing, pain relieving form of hands-on spinal manipulation. Your longing for Mandeville back pain relief will be met!

Listen to this PODCAST discussion with the developer of Cox® Technic, Dr. James Cox, from the Back Doctors’ Podcast series about Cox® Technic and its way of relieving back pain.

Mandeville chiropractic care includes exercise to help enhance back pain relief at Mandeville Chiropractic. 


Chronic low back pain sufferers’ pain and disability got better with their use of neck, shoulder, and upper back exercises in addition to low back-specific exercises. Additionally, the participants felt these benefits by performing these exercises just 3 times a week (not even daily!) for six weeks! (4) So chat with your Mandeville chiropractor at Mandeville Chiropractic about just how to move your body – the whole body – to get the most out of exercise for your Mandeville back pain relief!


Schedule a Mandeville chiropractic appointment for back pain relief with Mandeville Chiropractic’s use of Cox Technic. Mandeville Chiropractic is effective at relieving Mandeville back pain and helping degenerated discs!

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