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Spine Articles

Fear of the “Damaged Back”

Mandeville Chiropractic helps relieve the fear of back pain and the fear of moving while relieving the back pain itself. 

Non-Surgical Care for Painful Spines

Back pain care guidelines point to care Mandeville Chiropractic specializes in – non-drug and non-surgical. Mandeville chiropractic treatment is relieving.

The Chiropractic Back Pain Whisperer

The Mandeville back pain specialist at Mandeville Chiropractic is a spine whisperer who hears (feels!) where it’s stiff and needs extra attention to get pain relief.

What To Do With Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?

Mandeville Chiropractic treats spinal stenosis non-surgically, the way the medical/surgical literature is reporting as beneficial compared with spine surgery and fusion.